Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

Trip of my life,

My Birth
My little time since my 7 years of age I left my family. My brothers 7 people, 5 male and female person 2 people, my brother first Ni Wayan Natri married and had kids 2 boys and girls. And my brother to the two I Made Wijana have been married 2 Boys and 1 grandson. My brother is the third I Nyoman Netra Married but until now have not had children. My brother is the fourth I Ketut Sudirga Married Women have all 3 children. And myself, including the five children of 7 brothers. My sister kept Ni Made Rapi Neat women are married to have children 2 boys. Then my sister last I Nyoman Suarya childless married men 2.
Since I was 7 years of my age in my family to live by because at that time about the year 1973 a very difficult life very tight competition is very difficult to find food. and the Indonesian government transmigration program, including my own family participate enrolled in the program, the migration in one island in Indonesia called the island of Sulawesi. Except my own that do not participate in the program, because although I was a kid I was happy to live in the village of my birth, I felt a heavy heart to leave the atmosphere that I felt at that time until I cried that I do not want in whom the transmigration. Since then my family decided to leave me to my uncle to stay in my village. Some time later I was back in Study by my uncle in Anggungan Elementary school and graduated in the year 1977
After that go back to school in the (STU) Craft Technology School in the village Tangeb, Mengwi, Badung - Bali for 3 years after I graduated in 1980.
Continue to Sekolah Menengah Seni Rupa (SMSR) in there for 4 years and graduated in 1985. Thus I have had the education provision to seek work. Much later after I started working at an agency Artvertizing Design a banner in the field, I worked here for over 2 years working here in 1987 and immediately married.
I continue to move back to work in a Garment Manufacturing company in Denpasar
Graphic Design as I worked here for 3 years and stopped in 1990. Continue to move back to Kuta Bali at a restaurant here my Sony Ericsson as well as Graphic Design I worked here for 10 Years, and because it threatened bankruptcy Restaurant on I quit in 2000
Then the company moved to Offset Printing in North Denpasar Antasura Street 33 my work here is also a Graphic Design I have worked here for 10 years
Thus the year 2010.
So Tired of my journey seemed to go my success has not been found, so who knows maybe in here through the blog or through the services given by Google.com and Google friends such as Yahoo.com, Hotmail.com and support of sharing and sharing It will not succeed with my friends
So my life journey
I Putu Suandra

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