Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

Wedding Ceremony (Pawiwahan)

The ceremony is at compulsory for all individuals and couples who are old enough that is generally between 24 to 30 years. Thus they are with their partner was appointed to conduct the wedding ceremony (Pawiwahan) according to the customs and culture of Bali. Means they are said to be able to be responsible in carrying out family life or build a small family prosperous and happy.

Activity in the life after marriage
According to the customs and culture of Bali
Both partners will automatically follow the existing rules in their villages where they live, which comply with customs regulations Bali culture.
This means that they or the couple must not violate existing regulations.
For example hurt his wife, looking for another partner or find a new partner,
Divorced wife or husband, they are required to respect each other and complement each other,
mutual cooperation, between each other in the lead department - About life to the family of peace and happiness.

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